Processing of building and operating permits

Tramitación de licencias


ARSITEK is an architects’ study that has a team of professionals with vast experience in preparing PROJECTS TO OBTAIN PERMITS OF ANY TYPE from the various Departments of the corresponding Councils

This work team shall deal with your requests by providing you with the most-appropriate and effective solution for your needs.

Processing of permits

The management of the documentation is done continually with the commissioned architecture work.

Our work process is carried out as follows:

  1. Preparation of the corresponding EXECUTION PROJECT.
  2. Management of the documentation in the corresponding Professional Associations. (Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers etc…)
  3. Preparation of the documentation necessary for its submission to the various COUNCIL AND REGIONS, according to the particularities of each of them. This documentation would, in general, consist of an itemised budget, photographs, sketches, location plans, official printed documents, fee payment receipts, as well as the PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
  4. Our fees include the journeys made both to the Professional Associations and to the building to take the relevant photographs, as well as to your offices to sign the relevant documentation; for the collection of the amount of the fees and payment at the bank branch; and lastly the Council and/or Autonomous Communities, or Ministries, for the delivery of the documentation.
  5. Our work finishes with obtaining the final building permit, which entails that in the event of any setback (addtional demands from the Council) we would act diligently to remedy it.




  • Execution projects of all types.
  • Project management of vertical suspension and scaffolding.
  • Project management of installation of articulated cranes
  • Queries and paperwork
  • Sanctions, execution orders, cease and closure actions
  • Town plans
    Special plans, studies of detail, urban plans for environmental control of uses, planning queries.
  • Documentation for environmental proceedings
    Environmental impact studies, environmental reports to be included in the permit projects…
  • Energy certificates
    For both premises and complete buildings.
  • Authorisations
    Processing of health authorisations, for the felling of trees, for the installation of terraces…
  • Official line
    Processing of the documentation necessary for the Council to issue and process the file.