Consultancy and advice in projects


Consultoría en arquitectura y construcción

ARSITEK is a consultancy specialising in advice about and the comprehensive management of investment projects and innovation projects developed by industrial and service companies.

We encourage companies and individuals to drive their projects and we advise and help them to formalise in projects their ideas, as a means to opt from the various subsidies offered by the regional, national and EU subsidies.


Comprehensive project management

  • Studies and reports.
  • Projects of all types.
  • Business advice.
  • City and Landscape.
    What is distinctive about our consulting and town and country planning services is our comprehensive approach focused on solutions from their financial viability and their sociological and functional suitability.
  • Building
    Consulting and technical support in all the fields that comprises the development of a work in any of its phases by grouping them around the building disciplines.
  • Project Management.
    The integrated management of projects are oriented constantly to the development of a project towards the objectives set by the client, among which cost, delivery period and quality stand out. Sustainability is not only a matter of buildings, but also the way in which they are integrated into cities. Moreover, we place importance on waste recycling and management.


Investment project / Innovation project

Tell us about your business investment project or your innovation project. We’ll listen to you attentively and adapt it to the demands of the various regional, national and European subsidy and incentive programmes.

We analyse your idea

We are capable of analysing your company by providing concepts, criteria and methodology to implement the R+D to suit your company.

We provide value added

Once we’ve analysed your idea, we polish it and prepare and submit the proposal to the relevant organisations and public entities.

Follow-up and justification

We do all the follow-up until your investment or innovation project achieves the best possible results.