Architecture projects


Proyectos de arquitectura y diseño


ARSITEK has more than 3,700 projects and 20 years of experience in the field of ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION to its name, adapting to new challenges, of science, research and innovation. We use advanced 3D demonstration systems, BIM, with clarity, efficiency and precision.

If you want something different, a new company, from a construction company and you want to experience the benefits of working with an innovative architectural studio then ARISTEK is your company.

ARSITEK are experts in developing a unique method, based on studying the most suitable solutions for each restoration and urban architecture problem.

Our aim is to reach the highest degree of creativity, with sensitivity, imagination, innovation and design in constructing exciting dwellings.

We look for the highest degree of sustainability in your projects and the energy-saving strategies has allowed us to prepare a working method that guarantees the quality of the result.

Consulting and advice in architecture

Projects, Design, Building and operating permits, Restoration, Construction.
We manage all stages of your Project and Works. You don’t have to handle anything. Turnkey.

Work process:

  • PREPARATION OF EXECUTION OR LEGALISATION OF PROJECT personalised for each of the works including Project Management in each of the following projects:
  • Architectural Design
    • New build and restoration projects.
    • Opening of commercial premises, design and decoration.
    • Restoration of building and façades.
    • Conversion of premises into dwellings.
    • Construction
    • Reports and expert submissions.
    • Safety studies and planes.
    • Project Management.
    • Creation of Corporate Branding, Architecture and Franchises.
    • Private collective housing buildings
    • Council collective housing buildings
    • Single-family dwellings
    • Industrial buildings (plants, factories, service stations)
    • Industrial parks
    • Hospital architecture
    • Offices
    • Hotels
    • Old retirment homes
    • Sport architecture
    • Certifications, projects, management of permits, etc…
    • General plans
    • Partial plans
    • Study of detail
    • Planning projects, planning paperwork
    • Occasional amendments to General Plans
  • MANAGEMENT OF DOCUMENTATION approving the project at the Professional Associations
  • APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT at the various Departments of the corresponding Councils.
  • FINAL BUILDING MANAGAMENT CERTIFICATE approved by the corresponding professional associations (Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers, etc..)

All our projects are delivered and our technicians have the necessary civil liability insurance.