Detalles del Proyecto

Operating permit for a HAIRDRESSER’S in Calle Santa Engracia, on the client’s contacting us. They explained their needs, after accepting the commission we carried out the following work:

  1. 1. Preparation of the corresponding EXECUTION PROJECT.
    2. Management of the documentation in the corresponding Professional Associations. (Architects, Technical Architects, Engineers etc..)
    3. Preparation of the documentation necessary for its submission to MADRID CITY COUNCIL. This documentation would, in general, consist of an itemised budget, photographs, sketch, location plans, official printed documents, fee payment receipts, as well as the PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
    4. Our fees include the journeys made both to the Professional Associations and to the building to take the relevant photographs, as well as to their offices to sign the relevant documentation; for the collection of the amount of the fees and payment at the bank branch; and lastly the Council and/or Autonomous Communities, or Ministries, for the delivery of the documentation.
    5. Our work finished with obtaining the final building permit, which entails that in the event of any setback we would act immediately to remedy it.