ARSITEK is a company that offers all the services necessary for the comprehensive management of building and restoration, construction and design projects at the national level.
Our aim is to offer a finished product, advising each client individually as to the best solution. Projecting, executing your work, leading, managing all the documentation and necessary permits, always taking care of the details.


We give our projects the maximum functionality, we develop design values based on personalisation and accessibility. We take care of sustainability, energy efficient and respect for the environment.


As a company specialising in consulting and comprehensive management of planning projects and restoration of buildings, we know that our clients’ satisfaction comes from the quality of the service we provide, the unbeatable prices and a totally personalised service, are the keys to our success.


Through our space, we are fully at your disposal for any query that you may have and we thank you for your attention.

Our team of specialist and highly-qualified architects, interior designers, town planners and energy sustainability professionals

arquitectura, Diseño de Interiores, Construcción, Urbanismo y Sostenibilidad Energética

José Luis Arraez Segura

Projects and works manager

Luis Altafaj Gómez

Managing director

Francisco Jimenez Rodríguez

Project coordinator

Sergio Oliveros Barroso

Production manager