Arsitek, architectural studio in Madrid

    Architectural Design

    ARSITEK has carried out more than 3,700 projects and has 20 years’ experience in the field of Architecture, Design and Construction. We seek to satisfy the needs of spaces inhabited by human beings.

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    At ARSITEK we know that construction is something that requires having a project before doing a well-defined planning. We execute construction works, both new construction and comprehensive restoration of dwellings.

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    Restoration Of Buildings

    At ARSITEK we are aware of the importance of the Restoration of buildings, since it is all construction action aimed at improving the habitability, structural and building safety.

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    Consultancy And Advice For Property Investors In Spain

    At ARSITEK we advise FOREIGN INVESTORS in their projects in the Spanish Property Market by making available to them all the tools necessary for them to take property decisions.

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    some reasons why you should choose arsitek for your next project.

    We are focused on the Details

    We take care of everything. Turnkey.

    Certified Professionals

    Technical, members of their professional associations, insured.

    Quality and Price

    By methodical planning, prices are reduced and the quality is increased.


    what our clients say about our company.
    • After having bad experiences with other builders I couldn’t believe that this company kept its word from the first day. They have restored two of my buildings and they look new. Moreover, I’ve not had to worry about anything, they’ve managed the Building Permit, carrying out all the necessary projects and delivering all the documentation to me. I’ll not hesitate to recommend ARSITEK for future work.

      Carmen Garcia Diaz, BSc (Hons) in Pharmacy de OWNER OF BUILDINGS
    • They perfectly understood the idea of decorating our COFFEE SHOP, they heeded our requests and changes without increasing the price. We are very satisfied with their services and we shall contact ARSITEK for future commissions.

      Antonio Villalba Diaz de Pelican Rouge, Apoderado de Pelican Rouge Coffee Solution S.A.
    • ARSITEK takes care of preparing the project, managing the building permits, visiting the site, dealing with the builder, sticking to the initial budget, looking for the materials and details that are best suited to the project, and above all it has the experience and capacity to make the most of the spaces that inexpert eyes do not have. And all this together has allowed us to carry out wonderful works, save ourselves a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of trouble.

      David Garcia Diaz, Owner de Garmo Impermeabilizaciones S.L.
    • I was worried about the Architect complicating things and there only being one way, theirs, of doing thing. But I was relaxed. What I most liked about Luis is that he is a professional who listens to the needs of his client and respects their preferences, all based on his knowledge and experience. What I most value about ARSITEK in the whole project execution process (execution project, project management, advice), is the individualised attention they offer, something that distinguishes them from most Architects in the sector. ARSITEK takes care of its clients and conveys it in everything it does or new need that we’ve requested.

      Elisardo Pardos Sancho, Civil engineer de Owner of Parsan ingenieros consultores S.L.
    • Attention, planning and impeccable management. We are very satisfied with the work done in terms of planning, aesthetic result and strict compliance with the agreed deadlines. They undertook absolutely everything (permits, verification of requirements requested by the administration, evaluation of results, etc.) and have complied with absolute diligence their commitments. Total flexibility to adapt to the client’s schedule, thus minimizing the impact on the daily activity of the business. Luis Altafaj and his team are 100% recommendable.

      Manuel Villarta de Medical Center Los Castillos


    meet our staff

    José Luis Arraez Segura

    Projects and works manager

    Luis Altafaj Gómez

    Managing director

    Francisco Jimenez Rodríguez

    Project coordinator

    Sergio Oliveros Barroso

    Production manager

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